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ATDNSHINC is Maia Murphy and Eli Dvorkin


SPACER is an atlas of everyday places.

Maia Murphy

Maia Murphy — “The Last Fortune Left in the West”

Vol. 1: Common Sounds. Spring 2013.

Editor: Eli Dvorkin
Design: Andrew Kay

Contributors: Axel Anderson, Chas Carey, Gabriel Fries-Briggs, Andrew Kay, Alison Kuo + Mirry Stolzenberg, Benjamin Lieberman, Andrew Martin, Austin Mitchell, John Munshour, Maia Murphy, Caitlin Scholl, Kamomi Solidum, Nick Tenev, Claire Wood.


Dead Reckoning

American Idolatry | Recession Art | Invisible Dog, Brooklyn

“Dead Reckoning: Michael, Liz and Marlon go to Ohio” imagines the journey three of our most heavenly bodies — Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, and Marlon Brando — may have taken into America’s heartland in the wake of 9/11.

More details and images coming soon. This group show, curated by Legacy Russell, runs from October 29 – November 6, 2011.


Foodparty feat. Storytelling & the Proverbial Campfire | Concrete Utopia, Brooklyn

We contributed an interactive installation to this group show, held in a Williamsburg apartment. “In-N-Out” facilitates a gift exchange by simulating the form of a gloryhole. We provided two sets of edible ingredients — sweet and savory — and enabled participants to exchange their food creations through an anonymous portal. The device was installed in Concrete Utopia’s kitchen and hidden behind a purple curtain.

Photo courtesy of Concrete Utopia


A Summoning in Five Acts | Silent Barn, Queens

Pandæmonium was an evening of music and illusion organized by Eli. Performers included Liturgy, El Topo, Great Mason, Loud Objects and Tamio Shiraishi, with visual effects by Burneverything. At the stroke of midnight, the space was transformed into “The Psychomanteum” — an apparition device rooted in the ancient practice of scrying — by ATDNSHINC and other performers.

Photos by Nick Russell

Poster by Sam / Burneverything

ATDNSHINC is Maia Murphy and Eli Dvorkin.